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Author: Corné van Moorsel
Illustrations: Christof Tisch


GIPSY KING EXPANSION 1 you can add complete to the Gipsy King game.

5 bridge tiles

Give each player 1 bridge.

You can place your bridge once in the first game-half and once in the second game-half.
In your turn you can place your bridge over ONE water space.
One end of the bridge must connect to the land-hexagon where you place your caravan(s) this turn.
The other end of the bridge must connect to an other land-space, where you have a caravan already.
The space in between must be a water space. So you build the bridge always over water.
(The bridge can get placed over the middle of a water hexagon, but it can get placed over a side of the water space too.)
This way you connect fields where you have caravans. So you get a bigger group, combining 2 groups.
So you will get more points with your groups.


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