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Corné van Moorsel
Frank Czarnetzki

Boats, Planes & Trucks

Logistico is an archipelago in the Logistic Ocean.
The inhabitants on the 5 islands of the Republic of Logistico have supply of goods and demand for other goods.
Each player has a boat, a plane and a truck to match supply with demand.
Plan your routes the best to make the most profit!

Logistico is a logistical game in which you try to earn the most money. You can choose your speed self, but the faster you move, the higher your costs are! (Like with fuel-costs for a car when you drive faster over a highway.)


Place the income indicator card on the gameboard.

On each of the 36 land areas you place a disc and a block (random). The blocks are the goods (9 different goods (9 colours), 4 of each). The discs indicate which good is demanded there (corresponding colour).

You choose a player colour: boat, plane and truck.

The startpositions for your 3 vehicles are random too, by drawing cards and placing your vehicles at the areas on the cards.

And you get 3 area cards which you hold secret and can use later as bonuscards.

You place your pawn on the money track on 40 Logi (startcapital).

Game rounds

In each gameround each player gets 3 turns. First all players get a turn for their boat, then all a turn for their plane, and then all a turn for their truck. (clockwise)

The number of actions in your turn determines your costs (see the costs table on the gameboard)
The income table shows your income for a delivery (left income column: 8 Logi in the first gameround).

Use of your boat:

Carl picks up a white good, navigates 2 sea spaces and delivers the white good in the area with demand (white disc) for that good.
That are 4 actions, which costs 6 Logi.
In the first gameround a delivery brings 8 Logi, so Carl makes 2 Logi profit. So he shifts his pawn 2 Logi forward on the money track.
The white block and disc go out of the game now, so only the grey block remains in the area where Carl delivered.

Use of your plane:

Carl has a turn for his plane. His plane can move fast, but only to the 5 areas with an airfield.
Carl doesn't fly this turn. He only loads the grey good. That's one action which costs 1 Logi.

Use of your truck:

In the turn for Carl's truck, he drives to an area where he picks up a good and drives on to the area where his plane is.
The first movement counts double (2 actions) because it doesn't lead over a highway. Picking up and driving further makes 4 actions in total, which costs Carl 6 Logi.

End of a gameround:
After all turns for the boats, planes and trucks you do 2 things:

1 --- Look how many goods you have in your transport. You pay 3 Logi per good in your transport.

2 --- Shift the income indicator one level down on the income table on the gameboard. So the income for deliveries becomes 2 Logi higher after every game round.

Transfer of goods between your boat, plane and truck

You can transfer goods within your own different means of transport, without costs!

Carl transfers a good from his truck to his plane. He could do that in the turn for his truck or in the turn for his plane. You don't count transfers of goods in your number of actions so it doesn't cost Logi.

Maximum number of goods in a plane, truck or boat

A plane can carry 3 goods, a truck 2 goods and a boat 4 goods maximum.

Use of your bonuscards

Carl's boat picks up the good from his plane and delivers in an area with demand for that good. Carl shows his bonuscard with this area, so he earns 16 Logi (the number in the second (purple) income column).
The 4 actions in his turn (transfer between plane and boat has no costs) cost 6 Logi, so Carl makes 10 Logi profit.
If you reach the area on your bonuscard and there is no disc anymore, then you can show the card for the income in the third (grey) column.

End of the game

At the end of a game round (so after the turns for all boats, planes and trucks have been taken), look at how many discs are still on the land areas. If this is 6 or fewer, then 1 last complete game round will be played (so that everyone has one more turn for their boat and one for their plane and one for their truck).
The player with the most Logi wins.

Other rules in short

- With the boat or truck you must do at least one action or you sell your boat or truck for 3 Logi.
- You may not end your move with a boat or truck in the same area as an opponent's boat/truck.
- You can have debt (less than 0 Logi) if you invest much. Then you cannot do more than 3 actions per turn.
- You may not deliver goods if you you don't make profit in the turn in which you deliver.


New players can best play the first turns quickly to learn Logistico by trying only A FEW actions.
Long term planning at the start leads by new players often to wrong choices.


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