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Author: Corné van Moorsel
Illustrations: Stephanie Brandl

In *Mayday*Mayday* an emergency occurs: The pilot suddenly died, under suspicious circumstances. The crew doesn't trust the copilot, they think the crew is infiltrated ...
Here I decribe the gameplay by looking at the cards and tiles:

This is the cover side of your 3 identity cards which you shuffle ...

... after seeing that 2 or 1 of your cards are 'Honest' ...

... and 1 or 2 cards are 'Infiltrator'.

The start situation of player Red. Red saw he has only 1 Infiltrator card and 2 Honest, so he's in the Honest team.

Each player's character card has a Protect and a Punch side. Here you see Red's Protect and Orange's Punch side.

This card just covers a player's choice for Protect or Punch, because all players choose simultaneously.

Only "veteran" flight attendants can use the text side of that card (once).

At player Green the Veteran card tells she gets the Skirmish card at the start.

This is the Skirmish card when there are 6 players. Arrow 1, 2 and 3 show which player will look at a card in phase 1, 2 or 3.

Your tiles (2-sided) you use to tell if you see an Honest or an Infiltrator (cracked flight pin) card. But ... Infiltrators can lie!

Players first get to see one of their both neighbor's cards.
Here Red's left neighbor (Blue) tells he saw an Honest card and Red's right neighbor (Orange) tells he saw an Infiltrator card.

All players choose if they Protect or Punch the player with the Skirmish card.
Here Red covered his choice.

First one player did look at a card. That was Blue. Blue didn't look at the middle card, but checked the card where Orange told it's an Honest card. Blue tells that Orange lied and places an Infiltrator tile. (So Orange will say Blue is lying and must be an Infiltrator.) All other players know (at least) one of these two must be Infiltrator.

Most players punched Green. So Green rotates her cards to hold clear that she didn't get the 'Benefit of the Doubt'.

Then the Skirmish card goes to the next player, where another player will look at a card before all players choose to Protect or Punch.
Half of the players will receive the Benefit of the Doubt.

Then half of these trusted players promote to ' Reliable', in the same fashion.

And finally one of those "reliable players" will be the new captain.
If the captain is an Infiltrator, the infiltrators win. If he's Honest, he gives another player Cockpit Access too (after one player inspects a card).
If that player is Honest too, he continuous in the same fashion. This repeats until all Honest crewmembers have Cockpit Access. Otherwise ...

Box and rulebook have 4 languages. The rules per language (4 pages DIN6) :

one player color symbol

(Uh, in the meantime flight attendant names are filled in. Must update this picture.)

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