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Author: Corné van Moorsel
Artwork: Christof Tisch


POWERBOATS EXPANSION 1 you can add complete to the Powerboats game. The tiles add new 'twists' in the race. It can bring your speedboat in trouble, but try take advantage of the new situation!!!

7 tiles, each 3 water hexes long. 2 sides, dark and light blue (like the game board):
2x Redoubt
2x Current
2x Maelstrom
1x Low-water

Place these 7 tiles at the start of each race, after placing the buoys.
On the lake tile with the start/finish-line you don't place expansion tiles.
On the other 5 lake tiles you place the 7 expansion tiles. Randomly place them at the letters “A”, “B” or “C” where no buoy is placed.
First place them where the letter is written on island. Place them in the same way as the start/finish-line. So adjacent to the hex-side where you see the letter.
Do the same at the letters which are written in water spaces. But now sometimes the new tiles will cross each other. Then place it from the letter towards the opposite direction, starting on the water hex with the letter (in other words: shift the expansion tile 3 spaces towards/over the letter).


When your boat enters an expansion tile space (no matter if that happens during or at the end of your move) your boat experiences it's effect direct.
You can enter each tile from each direction (even the redoubt tile).


When your boat is on a redoubt space, you double your remaining die pips and fly this number of spaces further.
If you enter the redoubt space without having any remaining steps to move, then you double your next turn die pips complete (but you can not turn direction on the redoubt space).
Flying means that you can go over islands. The island spaces count as steps too.
If your last step is on a water space you land fine.
If you land on an (is)land space (or on a redoubt space) you receive 4 damage direct, so your race ends there.


When your boat is on a current space, it moves your boat one space in the direction of the current (without turning your boat!!!).
(So in opposite direction you can't pass the current, because each time you move one space to the current tile it moves you one space back.)


When your boat is on a maelstrom space, it turns your boat 60 degrees (1 side) in the direction of the maelstrom (arrows).
You continue your remaining steps in the direction your boat stands now.
(Of course, when the next space is again a maelstrom, it turns your boat 60 degrees again.)

Low Water:

When your boat is on a low-water space, it damages your boat equal to the number of rocks (1, 2 or 3) you see under the water in that space.
These rocks slow down your boat accordingly, so you discount the 1, 2 or 3 from your remaining steps.
(If you don't have so many remaining steps, you stay on the low-water tile.)
You must also adjust your dice accordingly, to show your new slower speed. Therefore remove 1 or more dice. If you can't match the number of rocks precise, then you slow down by the closest higher number you can match by removing dice.
Example: In the second movement step of your turn you reach the low-water tile at the space with 1 rock under the water. Your speed was 6, with 2 dice: 3+3. You get 1 damage tile and you slow down by 1 step, so you move 3 steps further instead of 4. You loose one die with 3 pips (because you can't match the 1 closer with your dice). So your new speed is 3.


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