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Author: Corné van Moorsel
Illustrations: Christof Tisch

In *SUN, SEA & SAND* each player starts a resort on a touristic island.
At the start you only have a piece of land.
You can build chalets to lodge tourists, attractions to persuade them to stay long, and signs to make that tourists find your resort.
And you can pick up tourists at the harbour, or get bookings.
The backpackers you can't pick-up and they don't book. But with signs you have a better chance that they find your place.
you have 5 family members to do all the work. Each activity costs TIME for a family member.
Manage your money and time!
It's all in your hands (no luck).

(Each figure represents the demand for 1 chalet. So they can be families or groups, but hereunder each wooden pawn is just called 'tourist'.)

Player Purple has 7 tourists.
3 are in the bar (red) and 1 is at the waterslide, but they all need their chalet.
This resort has 9 chalets now (left upper in picture), so 2 chalets are free for rent.

The shell shows who is start player this game round.

Player Orange has 8 chalets and 8 tourists. So the chalets are complete full.
The more attractions you have, the longer the tourists stay.
Comfort tourists (red, not present here) would only stay 1 week, because there are no boulevard (red) attractions (bar/terrace/restaurant).
Beach tourists (yellow) stay 2 weeks, because of the beach chairs.
"Swimmers" (sea fans) stay 3 weeks, because they can dive and ride jetski.
To hold track of how long the tourists already stayed, you shift each tourist "rightward" at the end of each week.
They first go to their chalet, then to the first attraction of their liking, then to the next attraction, and so on.
So the 2 beach tourists will stay 1 week longer, the other beach tourist 2 weeks longer.
The sportive (green) tourists stay too, the red one will leave.
Player White has 6 chalets and 6 tourists. And White has 3 tourists on the booking space for arrival next week.
That quarantees a full resort for next week too. 2 yellow and 1 red tourist will leave at the end of the week so it will fit precise.
Maybe White wants to build more chalets now for getting more tourists.
Only tourists bring you new income, which you can reinvest.
You can build more chalets to lodge more tourists, but without attractions you can't hold all chalets rented ...
You can build attractions to have tourists longer in their chalets, but then you need more chalets to lodge new tourists ...
And money and time are tight.

The colored tokens represent your family members.
The numbers '1', '2' and '3' on the "calendar sheet" tell how many weeks (1, 2 or 3) your family members are busy,
so not available for a new activity.
Orange, White and Purple get family members back from time slot '1'.
The other tokens shift from time slot '2' to '1' (these go home next week) and from '3' to '2'.
On the boats you see family members who picked up tourists from the current week tourist boat or were/are occupied with bookings.

3 of the facilities which you can build.
These bring victory points at the end of the game when you look who built the best resort.
Only the bar doesn't impress to get high ratings in the travel guides, though tourists in the bar bring $$$1 extra income.

A sign, a tourist boat with groups of tourists, and a chalet.
In a 2-player-game you only see the tourist groups in the front 4 spaces (not counting the backpacker space in front) untill you see the number '2'.
With 3 players the 6 spaces up to number '3', with 4 players 8 spaces (as in the picture hereunder) and with 5 players all 10 spaces.

Game box and rulebook have 4 languages:

See the rulebook (4 pages). In each game are:


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