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  Author: Corné van Moorsel
Artwork: Christof Tisch
StreetSoccer (Dutch: "Straatvoetbal") is the name in the Netherlands for how soccer is played in parks or squares in cities and villages. The players in the field often wear the names and numbers of their idols. In this game 2 StreetSoccer teams play a 25 minute match.

StreetSoccer characteristics:

Numbers and Names
The game has transparant stickers to paste on the wooden player figures.
Those stickers have names and numbers, so the StreetSoccer players wear the names and numbers of their idols, and it distinguishes goalies from outfielders.
Start to paste the stickers at shoulder height (except the small extra goalie stickers), at both shoulders at the same height, then paste the sticker totally.

There are 2 versions of StreetSoccer, one is Yellow against Red, the other is Orange vs. Blue.
All 4 different coloured teams have different name/number-stickers.

StreetSoccer rules example
(With all possible parts of a turn: moving a player, kicking the ball and passing the ball via more players.)

The example of a move:
You roll 4 with the die.
You move one of your players by the number of pips on the die.
You move with your player orthagonal only, not diagonal.
So you can move one player 4 steps.
But in this example you reach the ball in 2 steps. Then you kick the ball.
For the ball movement you count the number of pips on the die further, and you start with the number that made you reach the ball (number 2 in this example).
You can kick the ball in any direction, so diagonal too. And you can change the direction once, from diagonal to orthagonal or from orthagonal to diagonal (a curved pass, 45 degrees direction change).
When you reach one of your other players (you may not reach a space with an opponent's player), that player can play the ball further in any direction. You count further for the ball movement again, starting with the number that made you reach your other player (in this example that is movement 3 and later where you reach the second player it is movement step 4).

Rulebook changes between the first and second StreetSoccer print
Change 1 in the new rulebooks:
After a scored goal only the defeated goalie goes to his goal (to kick the ball in the field again).
Change 2 in the new rulebooks:
At "Anti kill-joy rules" rule "1.":
Added text: "If that is impossible too, then you shift 2 spaces to the other sideline."
Change 3 in the new rulebooks:
At "Anti kill-joy rules" rule "3.":
Changed text: "Both coaches must always have a player figure which can reach the ball (not necessarily within 6 steps) without using the spaces outside the lines."

Tip 1:
Variation rule:
Instead of 25 turns for both players (the 25 'minutes') you can start the black minutes-counter on number 16 (instead of number 1) and shift it one number further everytime when one player rolls a 1 (a 1 in the kick-off turn and the turns after scored goals don't count).
Then the game lasts untill the 10th time with 1 pip on the die. In that way there is always a chance for both players to win the game, untill the last turn (but in theory the game then can last until eternity).
Tip 2:
Tournament rules and statistics:
Tournaments we play analoge to soccer tournament rules. For example, you can play without 10 extra 'minutes' in case of a tie and give both players then 1 point in the tournament. 3 points for a victory is common in soccer.
With 2 different StreetSoccer games you have all 4 teams: Red, Yellow, Orange and Blue.
You can name the player figures (the names/numbers on the figures are only 'on their shirts') to make your own 5-player StreetSoccer team. During a tournament you can make a topscorers list, an assists list, statistics per game and what else you like.

StreetSoccer puzzle
See the picture. It's the second last 'minute', both players get their last 2 turns. You are the coach of the yellow team and you roll a "2" with the die.
Question A: (Suppose you lead by 2-1.) Which move makes it impossible for your opponent to score in his/her last two turns?
Question B: (Suppose your opponent leads by 2-1.) Which move gives you the biggest chance to score a goal in the last minute?
(Both questions have a single answer.)
* You can try to solve the puzzle even if you don't know StreetSoccer yet, if you read the "SteetSoccer rules example" on this site (see above).
The other StreetSoccer rules which you should know for this puzzle:
- Each 'minute' both coaches have one turn.
- Only the keeper may move to one of the two spaces in front of his goal.
- Only one defending outfielder may be in one of the 2 spaces in the penalty area in front of the two spaces for the keeper.
- To score a goal the last space before you pass the endline must be one of the two spaces in front of the goal.

StreetSoccer online with other players

Play StreetSoccer at Mastermoves (turn-based games-site in English language) or at Jijbent (turn-based games-site in Dutch language).
Or at
Statistics of the highest division of the fifth leagues-championship of
Statistics of the highest division of the fourth leagues-championship of
Statistics of the highest division of the third leagues-championship of
Statistics of the highest division of the second leagues-championship of
Statistics of the highest division of the first leagues-championship of

StreetSoccer was nominated for the 2003 International Gamers Awards.

StreetSoccer was nominated for the Dutch Games Prize 2002.


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