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  Author: Corné van Moorsel
Artwork: Frank Czarnetzki
A Subulata is a grasshopper which swims too. By jumping from flowers and leaves he moves faster over the water. With the right tactics you lead your group of Subulatas quickly to the opposite corner of the pond.

-- Rules in 4 languages: .


In the picture you see the gameboard, randomly build by 9 tiles, with water, lily-flowers and lily-leaves. White plays against Black, in opposite directions. You start in a corner of the board and try to reach the opposite corner. The points on a Subulata figure are points at the end if that figure reaches the end-tile. (Those points are secret for your opponent, until the end.)
The water, flowers and leaves determine how fast a Subulata can move (always forward orthogonal):
Is your Subulata in the water, then it can only swim 1 space forward. (So the black Subulata with number 5 can climb on a flower or a leaf.)
Stands your Subulata on a flower, then it jumps 2 spaces forward. (So the black Subulata with number 4 can jump into the water right or left forward.)
Stands your Subulata on a leaf, then it jumps 3 spaces forward. (So the black Subulata with number 7 can jump into a water space right or left forward.)
If black's number 7 jumps right forwards to the space with the white Subulata, then the white Subulata goes out of the game. But then White can capture the black number 7 direct by his Subulata on the leaf on the start-tile. Capturing you can do backwards too, so Black's number 7 could capture another Subulata by a backwards move. But then the number 7 is farther away from the end-tile and the game ends as soon as one player has only Subulatas on his end-tile, no matter how many Subulatas you have on the board ...

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