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Author: Corné van Moorsel
Illustrations: Ron van Dalen

Up to 5 players

The "cans" surfaces are 33x18cm. 14cm high at the top.


- Each player takes a garbage can. Build up your garbage can with a standard, so that it has a diagonal surface.
- Each player takes 15 different pieces of litter.

Throw a piece of litter in your garbage can.
The start player chooses 1 piece.
Now all players must take this product in their hand to put it in their garbage can.
Therefore you place the tile, color side up, above the green line.
Then reveal it, so that it falls (glides) down. From now on you may not touch it anymore.

The next player in clockwise order, chooses a product now, which everyone will ‘throw’ in their own garbage can.
This continues until all 15 products are in the garbage cans.

Take a pen and paper to note the minus points.
For your score you look at the numbered lines. The number in the highest row with a product over it, is your (minus) score.
((There are 3 complete rounds, the second and third round have extra (chewing gum) rules, which is not explained in this summary.))

Hereunder the first photo of the punched cardboard
Producing this game was 'tricky', but it works perfect!!!!!
Maybe you should try to hold it "clean" to make that it works good in the long term too. We will see.
At the left side you see all materials per player in the punch-sheets. (Only the carbage can is glued here already.)
At the right side you see how the end situation for 1 player can be.
(Minus 15 points is the score here. The order of placing the pieces was random. Some tricky situations occured.)

The rulebook (1 page) :
*In the Bin*

Prototype photo


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