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Author: Corné van Moorsel / Artwork: Ron van Dalen

*Typo 2D* is a wordgame in theory, a party game in practice. Fun guaranteed!

Try to place a card so that you can say a word that starts with the letter sequence in the row or column where you add it.
The problem is that all players want to do this and all players simultaneously choose 1 card from their hand! While the player order is determined by the alphabetical order of the chosen cards.
If you can't add your card anywhere, you get more cards to your hand as penalty.
The first player to play all of his cards wins.
Some cards have an icon that can be used for variants, such as a card that can replace another card or a card you must place behind an empty spot to "fill in" the empty spot by saying a word.

Rulebooks are in 4 languages: .


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